Chestnut Tree Predictions - Rules

1. Selection should be of three results:
i) A home winning team
ii) An away winning team
iii) A drawing match
One selection only should be made on a single fixture (selecting Home win, Away win and a Draw results on a single fixture to ensure at least one point is gained is not permitted). Selections should consist of predictions against three separate fixtures.

2. Selections must be made only from matches containing at least one of the teams from the English Football League [Premiership, Championship and Leagues 1 & 2 only].

3. Selections must be Saturday matches with an pre-arranged 15:00 kick-off time (Matches with pre-arranged kick-off times other than 15:00 on a Saturday will not count for points)

4. Selections may be made from any competition so long as at least one of the teams in each prediction satisfies rule 2 and that the match satisfies rule 3. Where games involve extra time and/or penalties it will be the score at the end of regular play (90 minutes) that counts for scoring purposes.

5. (amended August 2015) Prediction entries are to be made digitally, by e-mail, text or by message to approved recipients before 15:00 on each Saturday (entries submitted after this time will not be accepted for scoring purposes - this includes entries made by e-mail and text)

6. Scoring will be based on:
1 point for a successful home prediction
2 points for a successful away prediction
3 points for a successful draw prediction
2 bonus points for a successful prediction of all three results

7. Selection entries must be clearly readable and must contain the name of the participant

8. (amended August 2015) Should a participant nominate a proxy representative to enter their prediction selections digitally in their absence, the participant should ensure that the proxy representative understands all the relevant rules and includes the name of the participant on the selection. Proxy representatives are not encouraged and should be used on a limited basis

9. A selection not containing the name of the participant may not be marked and as such may not score points. [Reasonable investigation may be made to ascertain the identity of the participant, but with no guarantee that this will be achieved]

10. Errors contained in prediction selections may not be marked for scoring purposes

11. Selection of matches which have been postponed will score no points (pools panel decisions do not apply)

12. Abandoned matches will result in the match score at the time of the abandonment to be counted for scoring purposes. This rule also applies to games later deemed to be void or requiring a replay or re-match

12A (added August 2007) The minimum number of games required for the predictions, as described at Rule 3, will be 12 (Twelve). If the number of games scheduled is less than this number there will be no predictions for that weekend.

13. (amended August 2015) Prediction selections that have been submitted may be amended due to postponement of matches or due to error. This should be done by the submission of a second (or further) entry (as specified at rule 5) containing the amended selection and be clearly noted as an amendment. In the occurrence of more than one amendment each amendment should be clearly noted as "second amendment" or "third amendment" etc.

14. Manager of the Month competitions may be arranged at the beginning of each season. The months these competitions will be live will be notified to perticipants at the commencement of the overall (Predictions) competition, but may not run in every month of the football season

15. Scoring of Manager of the Month competitions will be on the same basis as the regular Predictions scoring process. Determination of each Manager of the Month winner will be the highest score of points accumulated within the month. If there is a tie for the highest points the winner will be determined by a) the most draws within the month of those tied with the highest score or b) the most aways within the month if the clause 15. a) is also tied. Should there be a tie for highest score, clause 15. a) and clause 15. b) then the Manager of the Month prize for that month will be shared by those who have tied across all relevant clauses

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